6 Types Of Suits Every Man Should Have No Matter Their Budget

A quality suit is a wardrobe staple for every man, be it for work, formal events, or casual occasions. With numerous styles in the market, it is important to consider the most important features without breaking the bank. This is where bespoke tailors london come in to make a suit that fits your body and budget well. You can order one of the following types of suits depending on the occasion or season of the year. 

Made-to-Measure Suit

A made-to-measure suit is created from a ready-made fit pattern and custom-fitted by a tailor according to your physique. The outfit is built to your specifications, fitting your body like a glove. Nowadays, more and more bespoke tailors London have adopted this invention because most men are looking for suits made to their exact body measurements. 

Summer Suit

As the weather starts to warm up, it's good to change your suiting mode. Summer suits are lightweight and made from lighter fabrics like fine merino wool, silk, and soft linen. When it comes to styling, they can feature pale and reflective shades. Vibrant palettes in purple and yellow are also common with summer suits. With these outfits, you are free to experiment with the vest and shirt. You can even go shirtless like some celebs who have been sported on red carpets without a shirt. 

Lounge Suit 

While the lounge suit used to be the standard version of the morning suit, the idea has completely changed today. Rather, it is now a two or three-piece suit made from the same cloth. Ideally, most men in the office and high streets prefer lounge suits. Wedding SuitFormality is key in a wedding suit. It is one of the smartest suits that flatter your proportions. Grooms often choose a certain colour scheme depending on the wedding theme. If you are not sure, choose greyscale as it goes with anything. Navy is another versatile hue for a wedding suit and complements just any skin colour. If you must wear a three-piece wedding suit and a waistcoat, you can forget about the belt. 

Wool Suit

A wool suit is a perfect outfit for the cooler weather. Softer materials are more wearable and comforting. While trying to get some warmth, you don't want to neglect your style. Wool makes a great fabric in winter because it is more eco-friendly than, say, polyester. It is biodegradable and doesn't cause microfiber pollution.  Dinner SuitA dinner suit is the best option to wear to a black-tie event. The penguin or classic tuxedo is an example of a dinner suit and may be fitted in various designs. You want a dinner suit with a single-breasted jacket and jetted pockets. It can have a shawl collar or peak lapels in grosgrain, satin, or silk but must be authentic. But avoid notched lapels for a black-tie occasion. If you prefer the mismatched and bold tux, bespoke tailors London can help you design one coming as slim-fitting pants and a patterned jacket. No matter what type of suit you choose, the material and fit are extremely important. Also, check the manufacturer's instructions to keep your garment in its pristine state for longer.